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Free pool admission 4-6 pm at Martinsville Park Pool!

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Stay hydrated and cool this weekend! With the heat index reaching 107, be sure to check on your friends, family, and neighbors. Know how to spot the difference between heat exhaustion and stroke. Check out the diagram below!

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Happy Friday! Meet Grace Raney, a 2019 Kendrick Foundation Scholar.

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Where are We Now?

In 2007 The Kendrick Foundation became it’s own privately held foundation.

However, it maintains a close relationship with the Community Foundation of Morgan County and both foundations continue the desire to care for our neighbors and provide leadership to improve our community.

The Community Foundation of Morgan County staff also shares the responsibilities of the Kendrick Foundation.

Holding assets over $29 million, the Kendrick Foundation provides grant and scholarship funds to medical and health programs, support to community health care outreach programs, healthcare education and financial support to programs for the medically indigent.

Each month Kendrick is focusing on a particular healthcare issue on Public Health initiatives to help Morgan County stay informed.


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