The Kendrick Foundation exists to support initiatives that improve the physical and mental health of Morgan County residents. We seek to partner with strong community organizations addressing three primary focus areas:

Mental Health

Prevention and Management
of Diabetes

Substance Abuse Prevention
and Rehabilitation

Consistent with our vision of serving as the premier catalyst for identifying and promoting the healthcare needs of Morgan County, this year’s grant process will continue to focus on tracking impact and fostering collaboration among evidence-based programs.


SCHEDULE: 2018-19 Timeline

  • June 21: Letters of Intent Open


  • July 16: (Monday): Letter of Intent applications due by 4:00 PM


  • By July 20: Select organizations will be invited via email to complete the full application


  • August 20: (Monday): Full grant applications due by 4:00 PM


  • September 14: Grant recipients will be notified via email. Grant funding will be distributed upon receipt of a signed Grant Agreement


Application Link | CLICK HERE

This Kendrick Foundation grant cycle is intended to provide financial support for programs that will begin by April 2019 at the latest. Compelling multi-year proposals may also be considered.